Jefferson Electric Transformers


Fully Integrated Medium Voltage Enclosed Assembly

Pioneer is now making it possible to order a fusible switch that is fully integrated with our medium voltage transformers. These systems provide dependable, secure, cost effective switching and fault protection.

The switch and transformer assembly are used as the primary main switches of unit substations, acting as a primary load break switch while also providing circuit protection (fused models).


Coordinated System

By ordering the switch and the transformer at the same time from the same manufacturer you are assured of system coordination and a smooth set up. We wire and test the system at our factory before we prepare it for shipment. Upon arrival you’ll find conveniently labeled cables ready to be connected properly from the transformer to the switch.

Specifications & Features

  • 5 & 15 KV Class
  • 600A & 1200A Continuous & Load Interrupting Rating
  • Selection from Industry Leading Manufacturers
  • Fused or non-fused models
  • Compact Design
  • Left Side or Right Side Orientation
  • Close coupling cable connections to transformer primary
  • Easy assembly with all cabling housed and installed on transformer
  • NEMA 1 Enclosures
  • ANSI 61 Grey Powder Coat Paint
  • Standards/Certifications • IEEE • ANSI • UL • cUL


  • NEMA 1 & 3R ratings
  • ANSI 61 Grey Powder Coat Paint
  • Standards/Certifications
    • IEEE
    • ANSI
    • UL
    • cUL

*Options and Accessories

   •  NEMA 3R Enclosure
   •  Kirk Key Interlocks
   •  4” Infra-Red Window
   •  Current Limiting Fusing
   •  Blown Fuse Indicator
   •  Fuse Clips
   •  Spare Fuse Pocket
   •  Surge Arrestors
   •  Thermostat
   •  Strip Heater
   •  Insulated Bus
   •  Ground Ball Stud w/Cover
   •  Indicator Lights
   •  Auxiliary Switch
   •  Voltmeter
   •  Ammeter
   •  Current Transformer
   •  Potential Transformer
   •  Control Transformer

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