• 50 through 5,000 VA


  • For control panels and machine tool equipment


  • Cores of high grade silicon steel
  • Machine wound copper coils
  • 50/60 Hz operation
  • Phil-Slot-Hex terminal screws
  • 55°C temperature rise for 50 – 100 VA
  • 80°C temperature rise for 150 – 750 VA
  • 115°C temperature rise for 1,000 – 5,000 VA

Features, Functions, Benefits

  • Finger safe terminals on units 350 VA and above
  • Parallel connections on units with dual windings
  • Secondary fuse clips standard on units with single secondary voltage (300 units)
  • Units 2,000 VA and less are UPS shippable


Options and Accessories

  • Optional primary fuse clips available
  • Finger-safe terminal covers available
  • Finger-safe fuse covers available

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