Jefferson Electric Transformers



  • Three-Phase Encapsulated: 3 – 11 kVA
  • Three-Phase Ventilated: 14 – 990 kVA


  • For industrial and commercial applications with SCR-controlled adjustable speed motor drives, and AC adjustable frequency or DC drives


  • Sized to match standard drive loads
  • Cores of high quality electrical steel
  • NEMA 3R-rated enclosures standard on 3 – 11 kVA units
  • NEMA 1-rated enclosures standard on 14 – 990 kVA units, convertible to 3R with optional weather shield kit
  • Heat-cured ASA-61 gray powder coat finish
  • Electrostatically shielded
  • 150ºC temperature rise standard
  • 220°C insulation class units

Features, Functions, Benefits

  • Large connection compartment for ease of wiring and installation
  • Internally braced for short circuit stress protection
  • Low impedance for better voltage regulation
  • Low flux density to minimize core saturation
  • Primary tap arrangements provided to compensate for input voltage variation
  • Quiet operation for installation flexibility
  • Seismic certification for all units


Options and Accessories

  • CE Marked units available as custom
  • Wall mount brackets available through 75 kVA
  • Weathershields available on units 14 kVA and larger


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