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Small Order Policy

Jefferson Electric has instituted a Small Order Policy. Due to the expense of time and resources in processing,  orders under $100 must be paid by Credit Card. There will be a $25.00 or 3% charge (whichever is greater) for processing.

All orders must be freight prepaid. We will use your UPS account for ground delivery service. In cases where the item is located at a warehouse near  you, we can have your item ready for pickup within 3 working days.


Please use either the form to the left or the downloadable PDF to pay for your small order.

When you use the online form, please email your Purchase Order to us ( with a note that you have completed the form.

If you use the PDF, please email or fax both the completed PDF and your Purchase Order to us.

If you are ordering through your distributor, make sure that you include the PO number on all correspondence so we can match your payment to the order.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Email Customer Service

Telephone: 414-209-1620

Toll Free: 800-892-3755



If you prefer to download a PDF document to fill and send, click here.