How to Size a Transformer

  • Transformer size is determined by the kVA of the load.
  • Load voltage, or secondary voltage, is the voltage needed to operate the load.
  • Line voltage, or primary voltage, is the voltage from the source.
  • Single-Phase has two lines of AC power.
  • Three-Phase has three lines of AC power, with each line 120 degrees out of phase with the other two.
  • kVA is kilovolt ampere or thousand volt ampere. This is how transformers are rated.

To determine the size of the transformer you need, determine the following requirements for your transformer:

  1. Load Voltage
  2. Load Current/Amps
  3. Line Voltage

Next, determine if your application is single-phase or three-phase, and use this corresponding formula:


The kVA of the transformer should be equal to or greater than the kVA of the load to handle present requirements and to account for future expansion.

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Calculate your kVA

Use the calculating forms below if you know your Load Voltage and Load Current.

Single phase


Three phase


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